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Stephanie Georgiou

Life Coaching

Hello! Welcome to my world!

My name is Stephanie Georgiou. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Limassol in the island of Cyprus and I am a Certified Professional Coach with specialization in life coaching, relationship coaching and leadership coaching mostly for teenagers and young adults. I am also a theta healing practitioner, motivational speaker, writer and entrepreneur and concurrently with my life coaching business, I am also working in my family business which operates in the Cypriot HORECA sector.

My journey in the world of personal development began from my early teenage years as I remember myself reading various books, attending seminars, listening to motivational talks and generally doing anything I could in order to find out the real purpose of life as well as ways by which people could be more happy, optimistic and faithful.

About Me


Stephanie is an excellent coach! She has incredible knowledge in the subject, she is very calm with understanding and respect towards her clients. She also has the ability through her powerful questions to help you open up and reach the conclusions that you had been looking for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



Life Coaching for Teens

Adolescence is considered as the hardest, most frustrating and challenging period for both teenagers as well as their parents. Nowadays, a large majority of teenagers cope with psychological problems, suffer from depression, have high stress levels, face bullying and they believe that life is hard, full of problems and obstacles.

Life Coaching for Parents

As parents see their kids growing-up and going through this demanding and challenging period of time called adolescence, apart from the necessary body changes, they come across with several other transitional changes in the behavior, feelings and mood of their teen.

* Coaching sessions can either be conducted in English or Greek, depending on your choice.

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by ICF

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